VinceTone - Michael Gill
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I always have ideas for songs floating around in my head. Sometimes they even make it to get recorded. And I‘m happy to share them with you. Sign up for the blog and keep updated with new additions to the song library...
Call it a day (2010)
This is my first long player if you like, although in times of download music, this doesn‘t mean much anymore. This album has been modified and published under the name „works“and is available as digital download on iTunes, along with „Departures! Arrivals?...
Other songs
Here you find additions to my song library that don‘t fit anywhere else. Some are special pieces of work for special occasions, some are just other stuff...
  1. 1.Call it a day

  2. 2.Wherever you will be

  3. 3.Lullaby for Henri (remix)

  4. 4.What can you give me?

  5. 5.Noone else

  6. 6.Wir sind stark

  7. 7.Whenever

  8. 8.Private star

  9. 9.Far away

  10. 10.Sleep Louis, sleep

  1. 1.Forty

  2. 2.Lullaby for Henri

  3. 3.Wie Du heißt

  4. 4.Shoot my heart to the moon

In Silence (2011)
This album never made it to be finished. Instead, I took some of the songs and transferred them to the album „works“ that has been published on iTunes and is available as digital download there...
  1. 1.The Red Chair

  2. 2.Other people‘s tunes

  3. 3.Noone else (radio edit)

  4. 4.Egal

Departures! Arrivals? (2015)
During our summer vacation in Norway I got inspired to engage in songwriting again. As a result this album contains 9 english and 4 german tracks and shows a mix of various styles of music, even a duet with my spouse. The title is a play on words with a topic that has been in my head for a while: Leaving something or someone without exactly knowing where the journey will end (or even lead to)...
  1. 1.When I see your face

  2. 2.Are you like me

  3. 3.Go on forever

  4. 4.Magazine junkie

  5. 5.Give it a try

  6. 6.Absolutely obsolete

  7. 7.Shadows of the past

  8. 8.Walk you out of my life

  9. 9.Nichts daraus geworden

  10. 10.Scheibchenvilla (remix)

  11. 11.Mein altes Leben

  12. 12.Herbstwind

Bonus track: Hold my hand